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Kraft Multi-Wall Bag Scrap

Kraft Multi-Wall Bag Scrap in Tradeasia


Kraft Multi-Wall Bag scrap

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Basic Info


Amber-to-transparent solid

Common Names

Kraft Multi-Wall Bag scrap


1 @ 20 MT Flexitank, 20 MT / 20 FCL

Multiwall paper bags are a packaging option made from a sustainable and renewable resource. They are available in a variety of constructions and used for items such as pet food, chemicals, grains, cement, animal feed, resins, food products, yard waste and more.

Kraft multi-wall bag scrap consists of used brown Kraft multi-wall bag cuttings, sheets and misprint bags, free of stitched papers. Prohibitive materials are not permitted. The total out throws may not exceed 1%. It is free of stitched closures.

Bales shall be compressed into secure uniform bundles, not to exceed 72” in any dimension any with a minimum weight of 1,000 lbs., Bale ties may be wire, strapping or appropriate bale cordage. (unless otherwise declared by individual buyers).

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