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Tradeasia International Pte. Ltd. is a privately owned trading company headquartered in Singapore. We have been providing chemical procurement services for almost 20 years. Besides supplying chemicals, we also leverage our supply chain management in another raw material such as waste paper. Through our representative offices located at more than 8 countries (Indonesia, China, Vietnam, India, UAE, Sri Lanka, Myanmar and Philippines), we managed to supply qualified products to more than 400 customers worldwide including textile, soap, paint, plastic and paper industry.

Our Strategies


Reliable Supplier

Sourcing from its best while comply with ISRI standard


Support Recycling

Cater paper recyclers with less energy and water consumption


Environmental Friendly

Save trees and concern about climate changes


Waste Paper

Paper recycling is the innovatory process which involving the waste paper to re-generate many types of new paper. Producing paper often involves cutting down trees. Deforestation is one of the main environmental problems we’re facing in these times, while these forests are ecosystems for hundreds of species that face extinction. Many of us also throw paper in our recycling bins without too much thought. In fact, paper constitutes over a third of all litter in world. It costs states as much as hundreds of thousands of dollars in clean up annually. Areas with litter problems may result in diminishing attractiveness to tourists and businesses.

Using recycled paper is less costly than producing virgin paper. Compared with virgin paper, producing recycled paper involves between 28% and 70% less energy consumption. Also, less water is used. This is because most of the energy used in papermaking is the pulping needed to turn wood into paper. Producing recycled paper can actually generate between 20% and 50% fewer carbon dioxide emissions than paper produced from virgin fibres. Therefore, recycling paper brings major contribution to the environment especially when it is related to global warming issue.


We can provide outsourcing or full service on any supply chain, including but not limited to, material pickup, loading and inspection, land and sea transportation.



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